amazon air freight

What Amazon’s New Air Freight Hub Means for FedEx, UPS, and E-Commerce Retailers

With Amazon’s recent forays into air freight shipping, businesses need experienced logistics providers to navigate an increasingly volatile e-commerce landscape.
global supply chain

5 Tips for Managing an International E-Commerce Supply Chain

Succeeding in the world of international e-commerce calls for common-sense administrative strategies and applied expertise.
imports trade disputes

As Shippers Prepare for Mounting Tariffs, Imports are on the Rise

Shippers are importing goods now to avoid rising tariffs in the future. For businesses looking to control costs, finding an experienced logistics provider is a must.
talent shortage 3pl

Logistics Industry Talent Shortage Underscores the Value Add of Experienced 3PLs and ISPs

A shortage of skilled workers throughout the shipping and logistics industry means that businesses will have to get creative in order to meet their goals.
mobility supply chain

How Mobility Solutions are Transforming the E-Commerce Supply Chain

With mobile technology making strides, the shipping and logistics sector can benefit from increased interconnectivity and more responsive networks.
dept of transportation

The Department of Transportation is Reconsidering Its Hours-of-Service Regulations for Truck Drivers

Heightened by the ongoing debate over ELDs, the Department of Transportation has announced that it is considering changes to hours-of-service regulations that some feel are too strict.
key isp benefits

3 Key E-Commerce Benefits of Working with an Experienced Integrated Logistics Services Provider

Working with an efficient ISP has the potential to drive value for your business as you navigate the e-commerce landscape.
millennial ecommerce market

How 3PLs Prepare Shippers to Succeed in the Millennial E-Commerce Market

Growing up in the age of e-commerce has taught this key demographic to expect fast delivery, omnichannel support, and affordable rates for their online retail purchases.
trucking capacity crisis

What the Trucking Capacity Crisis Means for Demand-Driven Logistics

Federal regulations, a labor shortage, and high fuel prices are reshaping the trucking sector. What does this mean for shippers — and how can demand-driven logistics providers help?
smarter ports ecommerce

3 Ways Smarter Ports are Meeting the Demands of E-Commerce Fulfillment

As global trade strengthens, ports are investing in better infrastructure, smarter tech, and a culture of adaptability in order to meet growing demand.