fedex amazon friction

As Friction Between Amazon and FedEx Grows, It’s Time to Find Your Own 3PL

For e-commerce shippers caught up in the growing tensions between Amazon and FedEx, investing in the right 3PL can provide the expertise needed to navigate market uncertainty.

How a Family-Owned Integrated Logistics Partner Can Benefit Your Supply Chain

In a sector defined by change and marked by trust, family-owned ISPs — such as Primary Freight — offer stability and reliability that businesses can count on. 
ecommerce customer experience

Here’s What Shippers Can Do to Put the E-Commerce Customer Experience Front and Center

As shippers invest in the infrastructure needed to keep pace with today’s e-commerce logistics market, they shouldn’t forget to place as great an emphasis on customer service as they...
community minded logistics

The Value of Partnering With a Community-Minded Logistics Provider

By giving back to their communities and committing to a greater purpose, shippers and their logistics partners can make a positive impact and invest in customer loyalty. 
holiday season rush

What a New Survey Says About Customers’ Holiday Season Fulfillment Expectations

As shippers prepare for the holiday season rush, it’s critical that they have the fulfillment infrastructure in place to meet customers’ needs and retain their business. 
millennial consumer behavior

How Logistics Providers and E-Commerce Companies Can Adapt to Millennial Consumer Behavior

A new generation of shoppers calls for a new approach to e-commerce shipping and logistics. Here’s what shippers should know — and what logistics providers can do to help....
india logistics policy

How Logistics Providers Can Help Shippers Navigate India’s Proposed National Logistics Policy

A new National Logistics Policy in India is attracting the attention of logistics providers and their partners. Here’s how shippers can make the most of this critical landscape. 
ecommerce omnichannel logistics

New Survey Emphasizes Importance of Software in E-Commerce, Omni-Channel Logistics

Stakeholders across the shipping and logistics space agree on the critical role software plays in the modern e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment landscape. 
us india trade

Growing Trade Between the U.S. and India Presents Opportunities for Businesses and E-Commerce Retailers

With the help of an experienced logistics partner, businesses and e-commerce retailers looking to expand into new markets should consider investing in trade with India. 
amazon free shipping

Free for Who? What Free Shipping from Amazon Really Means

While Amazon’s free shipping operation attracts an outsized share of attention in the logistics space, it’s important to understand the true costs of the program.