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dept of transportation

The Department of Transportation is Reconsidering Its Hours-of-Service Regulations for Truck Drivers

Heightened by the ongoing debate over ELDs, the Department of Transportation has announced that it is considering changes to hours-of-service regulations that some feel are too strict.
key isp benefits

3 Key E-Commerce Benefits of Working with an Experienced Integrated Logistics Services Provider

Working with an efficient ISP has the potential to drive value for your business as you navigate the e-commerce landscape.
millennial ecommerce market

How 3PLs Prepare Shippers to Succeed in the Millennial E-Commerce Market

Growing up in the age of e-commerce has taught this key demographic to expect fast delivery, omnichannel support, and affordable rates for their online retail purchases.
trucking capacity crisis

What the Trucking Capacity Crisis Means for Demand-Driven Logistics

Federal regulations, a labor shortage, and high fuel prices are reshaping the trucking sector. What does this mean for shippers — and how can demand-driven logistics providers help?
smarter ports ecommerce

3 Ways Smarter Ports are Meeting the Demands of E-Commerce Fulfillment

As global trade strengthens, ports are investing in better infrastructure, smarter tech, and a culture of adaptability in order to meet growing demand.
omni logistics featured

How Omnichannel Logistics Strategies Deliver on E-Commerce Customer Expectations

Delivering on consumer expectations at every stage of the e-commerce sales process is vital for businesses that want to boost customer retention.
labor challenges 3pl

New Survey Highlights Technology and Labor Challenges Facing 3PL Fulfillment

A new study shows that supply chain professionals are aware of the obstacles they face in the shipping and logistics industry, but that preparation to surmount those challenges is...
Better Data Leads

Better Data Leads to Better Fulfillment Strategies — Here’s What Shippers Should Know

Solutions to fulfillment challenges will only be as good as the information you use to evaluate them.
demand driven excel

How Demand-Driven Logistics Prepares Shippers to Excel in the E-Commerce Economy

Designing supply chains that respond rather than react can better position businesses to scale as e-commerce sales surge.
reverse logistics evolving

3 Ways Reverse Logistics is Evolving with the E-Commerce Economy

Businesses looking to scale with the growth of online shopping are investing in more efficient and cost-effective reverse logistics strategies.